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August 30, 2020

Listen to our final episode of our Ofrendas series for Season two with these beautiful freedom fighter, healers, historians. They bring us a full episode of medicine through poetry, reflection and traditional remedios for our physical and spiritual nourishment. 

Jesus Villa is a Phoenix based curandero and activist.  

Dulce Juarez is a Phoenix based yoga practitioner, envirionmental justice organizer and traditional healer. You can follow her on IG @dulceperopicosa 

Manuel Criollo is a scholar, historian and long time racial and economic justice organizer based in New Mexico. You can follow him on Twitter @redpipil

Irlanda "Landis" Pulido is a long time activist and healer.  She currently lives in Los Angeles. You can follow her on IG at @landeh

Xochitcoatl Bello is two spirit indigequeer feminista, brujita, abolitionista, mexica, angelina, artivist, birthkeeper, truthteller + plant mamá. She currently lives in Oregon.   Follow her on IG @lamalayerbalove and learn more about her work at

Please share this practice with others!  This offering is part of La Cura’s Community Care Series which will include community organizers, artists, healers and leaders sharing their grounding practices and rituals with us as a way of building resilience together in this challenging moment globally.

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